Vegan Gluten Free Shepherd’s Pie

In this hilarious, informative and entertaining vegan recipe video, celebrity chef and Cooking Channel TV host Jason Wrobel shows you how to bring the heat to your kitchen with a gluten-free,…


  1. MonotoneMaddie says:

    Most of the burns have happened on my fingers before it made it to my
    mouth, but I can still remember burning what I think was my whole tongue on
    some hot chocolate when I was a kid! It had marshmallows on top and I was a
    little too anxious… I am pretty sure I couldn’t taste anything on the tip
    of my tongue for at least over a week!

    Great recipe, I have been wanting to try some purple sweet potatoes, and
    now I feel like I have more confidence to do so 😀 

  2. calibugs says:

    I can’t wait to make this!

  3. Tacha says:

    At 25 second mark

  4. Andrew Gibbon says:

    worst ever burn was from a fish finger before I was vegan!

  5. Inge Bowman says:

    Hi Jason I love all your recipes going to try this one and I’m not even
    Vegan yet. Hey you posted a review some time ago on some awesome healthy
    chocolate bars made with raw chocolate. I can’t find it. 

  6. Pippi GlockenCake says:

    That looks amazing! Im going to make it.

  7. tamcon72 says:

    Will it remain cold enough in The D to make this before it gets warm for
    good? Who knows, but just in case, I’ll make a trek to Who’ Foo for some
    of the ingredients, and will make this my one last wintery meal before
    breaking out the spiralizer for the season ; ) Thanks for posting!

  8. Lyla san jose says:

    Great recipe-can’t wait to make this! My worst mouth burns were in my
    vegetarian days when I ate pizza with cheese….ouch! If I could see the
    roof of my mouth I’d probably have some battle scars….ha ha! That was the
    worst-the area right behind your top front teeth would be raw for at least
    a couple of days. :/

  9. Aj Namaste says:

    perfect! I thought my recipe was spot on, but you added a lot of nutirion
    power (bam!) to yours and I’m jealous. I will try this week because the
    temps have dropped this week in Pennsylvania and I am cold! Thx!

  10. radiantchristina says:

    that looks fabulous, but holy wow..that’s a lot of indgredients.

  11. PastorErickDMarquez says:

    Must taste good But it looks Wack yo…! Hahaha…The colors look crazy,
    But I will try making it, must taste good….Thanks for sharing…

  12. Jovanka Ciares says:

    Dude, I have the softest mouth ever! My gums break and burn just at the
    sight of hot, crunchy foods! Your recipe looks yumm-may!

  13. Tacha says:

    Did you say ” show you my virgin of shepherds pie” in the beginning ?

  14. ec0chic says:

    love it! will make it this weekend :)

  15. David Slone says:

    This looks like the sort of delicious, nutrient-rich food that my
    omnivorous, cheese-loving self could probably use more of.. Perhaps more
    importantly, at about 3:50 into the video, you finally confirmed something
    that I’ve suspected for quite some time: you vegans worship the devil…
    not that I’m judging you or anything… different strokes and whatnot.

  16. Alexandra Vicuna-Perry says:

    Delicious recipe…Sunwarrior protein powder is what we use, just because
    of you…thank you. 

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