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Learn How To Make Raw Orange Juice..
Hello Dear and lovely viewers from around the globe once again your Alie Veer with Bajo Sanawra welcome you all to our absolutely awesome and amazing Desi Food channel which is named Desi Food Factory because we create food videos in quite desi style.

In today’s video, our Bajo Sanawra is going to prepare 2000 Raw Orange Juice which she just got from our own orange farm.

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  1. hyperayush ! says:


  2. Shaikh Aarham says:

    very nice .Maltay kab pakkain ge.

    • Kitchen's Tips And Tricks says:

      +Shaikh Aarham thanks for watching our food videos. Jee maalte December mein full pakk jaate hein..

  3. fast men says:

    Malte abhi kache hen zaye Kar dey 2000 da sateya nas

    • Kitchen's Tips And Tricks says:

      +fast men Janab zaya nahien Howe. Pakke maltoun Ka juice to har koi bana leta he but kache maltoun Ka juice kam nikalne ki wajah se koi nahien banata. Aor wese bhi kache malte market mein nahien milte. Ye hamare apne bagh se hein.

  4. Nur Ain says:

    Agr ap juicer machine use krty to or juice nikl ata

    • Kitchen's Tips And Tricks says:

      +Nur Ain thanks..

    • Nur Ain says:

      Desi Food Factory organic or desi k chakr me to cheez to zaya ho gai waste of time Or mushakat alag. 1,2 mailto ka nikalny ho to alag bat hy but 2000!! Anyways healthy juice.

    • Kitchen's Tips And Tricks says:

      +Nur Ain oh jee agar juicer machine use karte tu juice tu nikal ata but woh organic aor desi style tu na hota na….

  5. A toZ says:

    Maltay zaya kiye 😑

    • Kitchen's Tips And Tricks says:

      +A toZ jee 3 litres nahien tha taqreeban 6 to 7 litters tha balti 9 litters ki he. Aor wese bhi orange abhi kacche hein na ye juice thoda khata hota he agar maalte pake hote tu juice ziyada nikalta.

    • A toZ says:

      Desi Food Factory 2thousand main sirf 3litre juice 🙁 😊

    • Kitchen's Tips And Tricks says:

      +A toZ woh kese jee. Bohat hi mazedaar juice tayyar howa he. Hum NE uss juice Ko bottles mein save kar ke fridge mein rakh lia he baad mein bhi use kar sakte hein…

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