Bread Pastry Recipe in Hindi 5 मिनट में ब्रेड पेस्ट्री केक बनाने की विधि Pastry Cake without Oven

Bread Pastry Recipe in Hindi. Watch and learn How to make Pastry Cake without Oven at Home.


  1. Afsana Pathan says:

    Easy nd super….bbbbb

  2. Ashok Gautam says:

    Creamy I will try to make it. It’s beautiful

  3. valkyrie azure says:

    Amazing recipe ! Thanks

  4. vala charmi says:

    Tasty….very yummmy….sooo easy…😊😊😋😋😋

  5. Vella Commentator says:

    First one to comment again..😜 aise hi thodi na apna naam vella rakhha Hai Maine..😂

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